Customize Your Portal: Build a Branded Extension of Your Website

Your fully-branded Training JumpStart e-learning portal will carry your look and feel so that it seamlessly extends your organization’s web site.  With integrated e-commerce, users stay within your domain while purchasing by credit card. You control training portal  communication to your learners in the languages your portal offers down to the labels,  headings, vocabulary and system messages. You control email notices sent from your domain, certificates and all of your marketing pages for training, including SEO. The training  portal URL contains only your brand, not ours. It's your portal with your business identity, your marketing pages and your business rules.


Visit Sample Training JumpStart-Powered Sites
 Think! Inc.
 Oncology Rehab Partners

Compare the Training JumpStart-powered training portals with each firm's primary site.

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As an option, your branded training portal can be embedded in an iframe within your website

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Your B2B Portal
Truly private branded
Your business rules
Integrated eCommerce, multi-seat licenses
Rapid Launch

Your Content
Build courses easily, SCORM
Control content access
Test with the gorilla of exam software
 Protect your IP
Manage live events
Customize notifications/alerts

Your Portal Roles
Managers and administrators, client roles

What's More
Extensive multilingual support
Versatile reports
Entirely scalable
Branded discussion forums
Integration with Citrix GTT
Published integration API

Rave reviews
Company expertise
Concierge services to go live