The Gorilla of Online Exam Software

With the Training JumpStart™ Exam Gorilla™ Online Exam Software your enterprise develops, manages and delivers  exams, quizzes, assessments and certification tests plus surveys and questionnaires (unscored) with the most sophisticated online exam software system available. Capabilities range from rich text, video, and graphics in test questions to random question selection from multiple question pools to detailed reporting on test performance and question analysis  - all exportable to Excel.

Online Exam Software Features

In Your Branded Portal, Control Access, Conduct Commerce
As a facility within the Training JumpStart™ Portal or standalone, the Training JumpStart Exam Gorilla system enforces fine-grained access control on your exams/questionnaires and allows you to collect online payment through an integrated shopping cart. You deliver your test on your own branded portal to authorized users, controlling enrollment duration.

Any Length Questionnaire
It doesn’t matter whether you need to administer a 300-question final exam or a 10-question survey, any size can be handled.

Flexible Question Formats
Virtually any type of question may be offered, from multiple-choice to true/false, to multi-checkbox, to fill-in-the-blank, to short essay. Questions may include graphics and video as well as rich text.

Flexible Question Selection, Multiple Question Pools
Select from one or more pools of questions and specify which questions to include from which pools, whether a designated subset or a random selection.

Automatic Question Randomization and Test Rotation
The Training JumpStart Exam Gorilla will optionally generate a set of questions on an individual test-taker basis, or for an entire class or group of users.

Exam/Questionnaire Timer
Tests can be timed.

Chained Questions
The Training JumpStart Exam Gorilla  lets you automatically define a series of questions which must always appear together in a sequence.

Automatic Rules-Based Scoring, Automatic Email Notification, Passing Score, Number of Retakes
Automatically score tests and exams. Multiple options available for system behavior after a learner submits a test. Define a “passing score” with auto-notification. Set the number of allowed attempts and whether or not scores from all attempts are saved.

Automatically Generated Certificates
The Training JumpStart Exam Gorilla™ system lets you design a certificate and automatically personalize it and make it available to users for print/download when they successfully complete a single exam, a course or a training program.

Questionnaire Learning Aids
After an exam, test, or questionnaire is submitted, provide the user additional information, particularly about items answered incorrectly.

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