Globalize: Offer a Choice of Languages and Currencies

The Training JumpStart™ Portal hosted e-learning management and delivery system is rare in its truly multilingual capability, which encompasses all four aspects of the learner experience:

  1. The system interface for the learner: system messages, instructions, labels, menus.
  2. Your public portal web pages in multiple language versions which you control
  3. Your course descriptions
  4. Your course content

The learner's interface can be made available in any language if you want a single-language e-learning portal.  If you choose to offer multiple languages on the same portal, learners select their language dynamically from a menu. In either case, the four content types display in the selected language, making the full learner experience in the language of choice.

Versions of your public pages: In a multilingual site, you would have multiple versions (language instances) of each of your training portal's public pages, those not requiring login.  View an example of the Spanish version of this site's About Us page, with top menu selections displaying in Spanish as well..Click here to see an example in Russian.

Supported languages include those having Roman characters, like French and German, languages such as Russian, Chinese and Japanese—which require Unicode-based character sets—and UK vs. USA vs. other English variants. Please request a quote for any languages of interest.
Courseware can be built in or translated into multiple languages and you can copy the structure of a course to create another language instance. Course structure of the original language and translated versions automatically remain in sync when structure of the original instance changes.

Localization applies to conventions for date formats and relevant currencies. Pricing in your course catalogs and in the shopping cart accommodates multiple currencies.

For our UK Clients

UK vocabulary and spelling
e-commerce integration with SagePay, the leading UK payment gateway
Localised currency & date formats
VAT calculations & exemptions
Support for UK is from just 2 timezones away

Tip: It may take several weeks to have a merchant bank account approved for a UK or US Internet business. Start the process early.

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