Types of Training Offerings

Question: In addition to online courses on-demand, what other training formats can I easily implement?

The Training JumpStartâ„¢ Portal course structure allows you to manage

  1. live, instructor-led events or hybrid courses
  2. online training on a subscription basis
  3. standalone exams
  4. training tracks/paths
  1. Support for instructor-led training — live training events: You can define recurring instances of a live, face-to-face or virtual class/workshop. Create new instances of an instructor-led event by using the "copy course" function, editing venue and date.  Your users view an integrated calendar of live events. Clicking on one of the events displays details and lets your clients self-enroll via online purchase. You can accept payment and enrollments in additional ways, as desired.

    Include content online for instructor-led training: auto-scored pre-class self-assessment, any course handouts/reading materials, videos for viewing at learner convenience, course evaluation or final exam plus access to course certificate access

    You can set up several kinds of automated notifications, including a reminder to enrollees to complete their course pre-work or course evaluation
  2. Create standalone exams by designating them the final course exam of an otherwise empty Training JumpStart Portal course. Users can enroll in the exam by a la carte purchase or other means. Optionally, they receive notification of their results and print a customized, auto-generated certificate for a passing score or optionally have access to an electronic seal.
  3. Offer online training access by subscription:  When specifying pricing, designate select courses or packages as available by monthly subscription with auto-renewal option. Your users receive auto-notification for expiring credit card and related events.
  4. Structure courses into tracks based on role or other packaging criteria. You can make a track available for sale and enrollment, designate prerequisites within the track and, optionally, implement a final exam which can be taken only after all track courses have been viewed. Choose among multiple options for specifying passing criteria for a track. Use the Training JumpStart API to auto-enroll users in a track based on role.